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Spa Supplies

Dimension One Spas is proud to offer the highest quality hot tub accessories and supplies that help you maintain and enhance your tub. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Click Find a D1 Dealer to find your local dealer to ensure you are buying the right product for your tub.

After you get into a routine, your spa should only take a few minutes a week to maintain. Make the most of your Dimension One hot tub by keeping up with regular maintenance and your tub will be like new for years to come!

Spa Surface Care
Use spa cleaner and a soft rag to clean the inside of your hot tub and use mild soap and water to clean the exterior of your hot tub. Do not use alcohol, ammonia, or citrus-based cleaners on any hot tub surface.

Protect your spa surface from the sun: keep the spa covered when it contains no water. Sunlight can damage the spa surface and cause it to peel or blister.

Cabinets and Vinyl Covers
To maintain the cabinet finish, clean with soap and water. To maintain a “nearly original” appearance on your vinyl cover, apply a protectant with a high SPF at least once a month if exposed to direct sunlight. You will also want to clean and condition your spa’s cover monthly (or as needed based on the exposure of your cover). For more information on cover care, consult your dealer.

You can purchase spa products in our online store including: spa covers, spa pillows, fountain components, steps and more.

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