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Service FAQs

Brand New Hot Tub

My new hot tub just arrived. Now what? Unwrapping it, removing stickers, checking unions, drain bib, electrical, product warranty, etc.

  • Be careful when unwrapping your new spa. While the protective cover is very durable, it is thin and a blade can damage the spa. Use scissors and trim up along the corners carefully to loosen the bag and remove it.
  • When you receive your spa, the electrical GFCI should already be in place. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information on the GFCI.
  • It is a good idea to have the electrician onsite at the time of spa delivery to address any problems or concerns that may arise. The electrical connections to the spa can be made once the spa is set in the desired location.
  • The electrician will need to access the equipment area to hook up the spa. The Owner’s Kit will be found in the equipment area. Take a minute to go through the kit, verifying its content including the Owner’s Manual, Water Care Guide, Spa Warranty registration and hose bib.

How do I locate my spa’s serial number?

  • You can find your serial number on a tag in the bottom left-hand corner of the spa’s base.

I want to get my new hot tub ready for first use. Now what? Filling it with water for the first time, adding chemicals, etc.

  • Read through your Water Care Guide and the start-up section of your Owner’s Manual. It will explain important steps to be taken before filling the spa.
  • Verify you have the necessary chemicals for a proper “first start-up.”
  • Confirm with your dealer that your local water source does not need any special pre-treatment prior to normal start-up.
  • Fill the spa with water.
  • The pH affects the chlorine level and alkalinity affects the pH. Therefore it is important to adjust the total alkalinity first, then the pH and then the chlorine level, in that order. After each use, add two tablespoons of Dichlor (the chlorine additive for your spa) and run the spa for 10 minutes.
  • With the pumps running, check and adjust:
    • Total Alkalinity between 125 and 150 parts per million
    • pH level between 7.2 and 7.6
  • Now “super-chlorinate” your spa. Super-chlorinating means that you need to add Dichlor to the water until your chlorine indicator gets up to 10 parts per million (Do not use Bromine with a D1 supplied Vision cartridge!). You can also use any “Flush” products to ensure you’re your spa is clean on startup. Follow the instructions on the Flush product of your choice. This step is only necessary for first time fill-ups or for spas that have been shut down for a period of time. You do not need to do this during regular refills.
  • Operate your spa’s circulation system for at least two hours
  • Dimension One recommends that you drain your spa and re-fill it. This will make sure that you are off to a clean start with your new hot tub!
  • Rinse out your Vision cartridge to remove any loose dust or fragments that may have been created during shipping.
  • When installing your Vision cartridge (48 hours after adding Sequestrant is strongly recommended), be sure to adjust the reminder date ring on top.
  • Once the spa is filled, be sure to check the box containing your spa’s cover. Verify the warranty is in the box as well as the clips that are used to secure the cover straps to the spa.

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