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The AquaFIT PLAY® is the perfect mini pool for you and your family. The Play swim spa is equipped with 6 high-volume swim jets, adjustable for speed and pressure, a wide swim lane with non-slip surfaces, a max therapy seat for an after-play massage, plus pure, clean water with D1’s patented, oxygen-based cleansing system. Enjoy an optional stereo and lighting package for the ultimate play experience!

  • Seats
  • Jets
    4 or (6)
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

Unique materials

  • Terracina- The natural wood tones of the Terracina Collection create a realistic beauty unmatched in a swim spa exterior. Enjoy nature without the work for years to come. In your choice of Cherry, Summer Pine, Driftwood Gray or Vintage Cedar.
  • DuraTex- Because the surface is the most exposed and touched part of a swim spa, it should be the most durable and comfortable. D1's exclusive DuraTex material satisfies both needs. It also features a unique, slip-resistant material unmatched by any other swim spa material and is so comfortable, you'll want to soak as often and as long as possible.
  • Steel Frame- Every D1 swim spa has a 100% self-contained SteelStruct welded steel frame, one of the only treadmill swimming and water aerobics products manufactured this way.

Energy Efficiency

Full Foam- D1 swim spas are insulated with urethane foam, which is used in commercial freezers, and come complete with insulated foam covers precision-fitted with linear heat-seal seams to prevent heat loss.


UltraPure is the best water management system available in a swim spa today. UltraPure is more than just an ozone generator; it's a fully engineered water management system similar to the systems used throughout European municipal waste facilities. It has a dedicated filtration and water purification system, processing about 10,000 gallons per day. After filtering the water, this system vigorously mixes ozone and water three times to ensure ozone comes in contact with every drop of water - ozone doesn't just kill bacteria, it burns it up! That means the water in your swim spa is not just clean, it's crystal clear.


AquaFIT's DuraTex swim spa shell has a lifetime warranty and is "sunshine proof" against cracks and blisters making it the most durable shell on the market

  • HotAquaFIT PLAY

  • Dimensions90¼” x 192″ x 52″ H
  • High-volume swim jets4 Standard (6 optional)
  • Optimounts™12
  • Tether Mount2
  • Headrest Pillows1
  • Swim Tether1
  • Swim Jet Air Valve 22
  • Bar1
  • UltraPureStandard
  • Weight Dry2500 lbs (1135 kg)
  • Weight Wet17100 lbs (7760 kg)
  • Water Capacity1700 Gallons (6440 Liters)
  • Electrical North America/Asia60 HZ : 240V, 40A
  • Electrical Europe50 HZ : 240V, 1×16/2×16/1x32A
  • Pumps North America/Asia60 HZ : 1/Dual & 1/Single or 1/Dual & 2 Single option
  • Pumps Europe50 HZ :1/Dual & 1/Single or 1 Dual & 2 single option
  • Estimated Operating Cost

  • $24.73 per month

  • Hourly cost per kilowatt

  • 7¢ per hour

  • View More Info in the PDFs Below


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