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The amazing AquaFit System, is more than just a swim spa. Use it to swim-in-place, of course. But you can also use it to walk, run, stretch, row, strength train and more! Speaking of swimming, the AquaFit System serves as an exceptional training tool that you can use to help you teach your children how to swim.

Low-impact exercises strengthen, tone and shape your body while you're suspended in buoyant weightlessness. Advanced aquatic engineering pampers and soothes. The AquaFit System combines the benefits of a fitness center with the rejuvenation benefits of home hydrotherapy.

The AquaFit System provides fun, fitness and relaxation for the whole family!

AquaFit System: Your Fitness Fountain of Youth!

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The AquaFit Sport is a new breed of Aqua Fit System that is completely dedicated to wellness. Its largest-in-class swim lane and unique layout makes it the most versatile fitness product in its class.
The AquaFit® Play is the smallest of our 3 swim spas, allowing it to fit into tight spaces. It is equipped for all aquatic exercises and has a cool-down lounge ready when you’ve earned it!
AquaPro 19
The AquaFit Pro® is our largest swim spa, standing 10” taller than all other models. It is the ultimate exercise machine, boasting the longest and deepest swimming and exercising area.
AquaFit 19DT
The AquaFit® Plus is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and hydrotherapy. Exercise on the pool-side or simply relax on the spa-side. Separate controls for each location give you the ultimate in control.
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