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The AquaFit System is a versatile swim-in-place and all-year-round portable fitness center, which can be installed in a variety of ways. Its 6-gague steel frame gives you the freedom to install your AquaFit above-ground or in-ground. The choice is yours. If you ever decide to move to a new place, bring the AquaFit unit with you as it is portable and self-standing.

Below is a quick summary of the basic installation requirements*:

Concrete Pad. The AquaFit must be fully supported over the entire base. A typical installation on soil that will support 1,000 psi load, is 6 inch (15 cm) thick concrete with # 4 rebar on 18 inch (46 cm) centers. (Ref. Doc 138 and 199 below)*. Conditions at the site will determine the exact support requirements. Please contact your local contractor for adequate installation. Damages caused by inadequate support will not be covered by the warranty.

  • For doc 138 (Domestic – Large Printer) CLICK HERE
  • For doc 138 (Domestic – Regular Printer) CLICK HERE
  • For doc 199 (International – Large Printer) CLICK HERE
  • For doc 199 (International – Regular Printer) CLICK HERE

Excess Water. Normal use of the swim spa causes large amounts of water to splash out of the unit. Depending on the specific installation, additional provisions may have to be made for proper removal of this water.

Clearance Access: In order to better service your product, clearance for access to the AquaFit must be 36 inches (92 cm) at equipment compartment and 24 inches (61 cm) around the remaining area.

Ventilation: If installed indoors, you must provide proper ventilation. Contact an HVAC professional to ensure proper humidity control. Installation should comply with requirements as stated in HVAC application handbook (ASHRA 1999b). For safety issues, it is important to put the cover of your AquaFit on everytime you are not inside of the unit.
You need a dedicated electric line of 240 V.

Click here to learn more about AquaFit System installation:

AFS Consumer Planning Guide: CLICK HERE

* Please note that the recommendations presented above are only suggestions and cannot replace advice or service provided by a licensed contractor. Every AquaFit must be installed by a licensed contractor in accordance with laws and regulations. Failure to follow the proper installation instructions may void the warranty.




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