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AquaFit’s premium swim jets create a powerful current with three levels of pressure to choose from for a challenging and efficient workout.

Our engineers worked tirelessly to develop AquaFit swim jets that provide lift and varying levels of resistance. By circulating more than 100 gallons per minute, these swim jets provide a strong current that allows multiple types of fitness training and swim-in-place options. The jets are strategically arranged to provide the best buoyancy and alignment during swim training. When combined with air control valves and an option for 4 or 6 swim jets, you can find the perfect current for your workout needs.

In the Play, Pro and Plus models, users will also enjoy hydrotherapy jets that soothe sore muscle groups and provide a relaxing oasis inside your AquaFit.

Swim Lane

AquaFit has a large swim lane for a full range of swim strokes and exercises. The 19’ Pro’s swim lane is the largest at 11’8” and the deepest at 5 feet. The 16’ Play comes in at 9’9”, the 13’ Sport is 9’6” and the 19’ Plus is 7’10.” The water level comes to 3.5 feet in the Sport, Play and Plus. No other swim spa offers this much space to stretch out and extend to your full range of motion.


The realistic, natural wood textures of our Terracina skirting collection create a long lasting beauty that is easy to maintain. Inspired by real wood grains and textures, Terracina looks and feels authentic. It also provides the most unique blend of durability and beauty found on the market. Terracina is available in five natural shades including: Cherry, Vintage Cedar, Summer Pine, Driftwood Gray and Midnight Maple.


D1’s exclusive Crystal FX lighting system comes standard on all models to create a relaxing, colorful experience. Based on chromotherapy, these brilliant underwater jewels of multi-faceted light captivate and enhance the soft, luxurious interior to create the perfect mood. Crystal FX utilizes long life LED’s and features eight solid colors and two dynamic light shows, from calm and soothing, to vibrant and rejuvenating to visually enhance your AquaFit experience.

BioForm Lounge

The ultra-comfortable BioForm Lounge seat featured on the AquaFit Pro and AquaFit Play, offers a full-body targeted massage. The seat’s no-float design keeps you resting against the massaging jets in full-body immersion. Every jet is placed based on 100 measurements of the human body for supreme comfort and massage precision. This seat is great after a hard workout for an effective cool down.

Jet Therapy Pillow

AquaFit’s BioForm Lounge seat includes D1’s patented Jet Therapy Pillow (featured on the AquaFit Pro), the world’s first and only height-adjustable neck jet pillow with five positions to choose from. The Jet Therapy Pillow features powerful, user-adjustable jets, placed in a curved, padded head cradle for ergonomic support.

Audio System

The optional marine-grade Poly Planar® audio system is a powerful and versatile 180-watt system complete with auxiliary inputs, iPod docking station, high quality speakers, Bluetooth connectivity and optional Sirius Satellite radio.

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