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Durable Construction

Quality Makes a Difference.

AquaFIT Construction


AquaFit’s patented, extreme-performance DuraTex shell, considered the most durable shell in the industry, withstands the effects of sunlight, weathering, heat and cold, and vigorous use. Its unique, slip-resistant surface ensures safety during use and is easy to clean and maintain.


AquaFit has a 100% self-contained 6-gauge welded steel frame, making it extremely robust and one of the only swim spas manufactured this way.

Full Foam

All AquaFit System models are highly energy efficient. Each uses 100% closed-cell, EPA-approved polyurethane foam insulation, which significantly minimizes heat loss, thereby keeping your operational costs very low; among the lowest in the industry. This same full-foam insulation also provides the added advantage of increasing the AquaFit System’s structural strength and integrity.


Every AquaFit System is also equipped with a durable swim spa cover that provides a tight fit and special heat seal along the seam to prevent heat loss.


AquaFit’s patented through-wall optimounts ensure the safest, strongest and most versatile workout. An optimount allows you to attach AquaFit accessories like a tensor cords, butterfly mount or row bar to the wall of the AquaFit for a safe resistance workout.

The butterfly attachment screws into the optimounts to create a safe and secure base for resistance bands to attach to. You’ll never have to worry about working out too hard with this extremely durable system.

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