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The perfect mini pool for you and your family.

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Your underwater fitness powerhouse.

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The ultimate hybrid of fitness and relaxation.

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AquaFIT Kits

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How to Exercise

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The AquaFit® System is more than just a swim spa – it’s a complete underwater gym! Use it as an endless lap swimming pool or to walk, run, stretch, row and strength train. The AquaFit® System provides the best hydrotherapy and underwater fitness available on the market today. Low-impact exercises strengthen your body while you’re suspended in the weightlessness of water while powerful swim jets offer a challenging workout. Whether you’re exercising, training, teaching your kids how to swim, or relaxing, the AquaFit® System fits all your aquatic needs.

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Aquafit Features

AquaFIT® Features

  • 6 to 4 Powerful Swim Jets
  • Duratex Shell
  • Steel Frame
Aquafit Features

AquaFIT® Benefits

  • Higher Quality of Life
  • A Leaner Body
  • Faster Recovery from Illnesses

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